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Kesempatan Karir: Chief Accounting & Finance di Bandung


PT. Blessindo BersamaBandung
Informasi Mengenai Perusahaan:
Founded in 2005, the Bandung based jeans label takes inspiration in its name from their 16 process to make the perfect jeans from the family traditional recipes.
Originally starting as a denim brand, Sixteen Denim Scale married modern silhouettes and finishing techniques to authenticity and high-fidelity construction. Inspired by the heritage, skills & craftmanship of old work wear but with modern outlook, strong personality & a tailored twist.

Deskripsi Pekerjaan        :

  • Make annual tax report
  • Make financial reports and analyze financial reports
  • Manage the company's financial running
  • Control petty cash and CAB

Responsibility                  :

-       Understand and able to create a financial accounting system

-       Able to journal

-       Able to calculate COGS

-       Able to calculate inventory depreciation

Qualification                    :

-       Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

-       Minimum age 35 years

-       For at least 10 Years working experience Finance & Accounting Manager

-       Strong critical thinking, analytical, good integrity, problem-solving skills, and meticulous

-       Understand taxation (Pph 25, 21, 23, & 4 ayat 2)

-       Willing work in Cimahi

Cara Melamar :

Lamaran dikirimkan online melalui link berikut:

Link PT. Blessindo Bersama (Bandung):

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