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Peluang Karir Menarik di Jakarta: Lowongan Kerja Business Development!


PT Datakarma Teknologi Indonesia


Informasi Mengenai Perusahaan:

DATAKARMA is a leading global provider of cloud communications access modes such as CPaaS, SaaS, and UCaaS. Since its establishment, DATAKARMA has focused on technology development in the field of cloud communication and has launched global SMS, voice, number, and SAAS application services. DATAKARMA, headquartered in Singapore, has set up branches in the United States, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and the Philippines. We aim to provide one-stop communication solutions for global expansion enterprises for their market development.

Deskripsi Pekerjaan

Job Responsibilities:

1. Manage key corporate client relationships and provide sales services, collaborate with the Account Manager in resolving client inquiries, queries, or complaints, and assist in sales/post-sales services to improve customer satisfaction.
2. Promote and mobilize resources to expand market share with overseas clients;
3. Collaborate with presales to explore corporate client needs in-depth, provide technical consultation, and guide in deal closure;
4. Initiate feasible sales plans and customize solutions to suit client needs;
5. Understand In-depth the company's development strategy, develop potential business opportunities in large local or multinational companies, and conduct business value assessment based on the company's core cloud communication technology;


1. Full-time undergraduate or above degree holder in business administration, marketing, or related disciplines. Good command of English as the working language.  Fluent Mandarin is preferred;
2. Over three years of relevant work experience (over 5 Years as Business Development Director). Understands the Internet industry and processes experience in business development and corporate client sales;
3. Possess certain industry foresight and innovative thinking. Strong cold calling and customers developing abilities and excellent sales skills;
4. Good communication and teamwork skills and ability to perform under pressure.

Lamar Sekarang

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