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Pekerjaan Admin di Jakarta: Kesempatan Karir di Dunia Administrasi


PT Eblo Teknologi Indonesia


Informasi Mengenai Perusahaan:

PT Eblo Teknologi Indonesia is a top e-commerce enabler company that provides e-commerce services for various trending products of Beauty, Fashion, Healthcare, F&B, groceries, and many more.

Deskripsi Pekerjaan

Admin B2B & Offline

  • Process Order B2B Client
  • Process Forecast Offline from the Brand and discuss promotion with the Account Manager
  • Communicate with HR to request SPG for support events and Briefing SPG
  • Set schedule and delivery process
  • Responsibility for all running events, such as stock revenue, and providing all requests from a brand
  • Invoicing all B2B
  • Manage stock left and stock out every event
  • Create data labels for our system and communicate with admin data to ensure data rarefaction
  • Discuss with Brand about detail rarefaction
  • Claim and make sure data rarefaction (B2B) to exchange with stock-free goods clearly
  • Recap data sales Clients from SPG

Admin Klaim & Data

  • Update Customer data and discuss with the ops team about pending, canceled orders or anything
  • Collaborate with Account Manager, Admin B2B Offline Claim Rafactions B2B and Offline every month
  • Put data offline to our system and settlement check every day
  • Claim and make sure data rarefaction Clients online to exchange with stock free goods clearly
  • Discuss with the admin Client about claim revision

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